Cleaning Chemicals Buying Guide

Cleaning Chemicals

It is more cost-effective to buy your cleaning chemicals in bulk and in larger sizes because they need to last longer than household products and economically, it is kinder to your pocket.  There are also industrial strength cleaning chemicals designed for food businesses as well as ecologically friendly ranges to choose from.

Kitchen Cleaners

When choosing a kitchen cleaner you need something that is strong enough to banish grease, stains, spills, soap scum and other grime.  Leaving behind food debris will encourage bacteria, pests and unwanted germs so choose something strong and powerful.  Many all-purpose cleaners are suitable for kitchen use and there are cleaners which are specifically designed for the kitchen area.  Cleaning shouldn’t just be undertaken at the end of an afternoon or evening shift.  It should be carried out during each shift when required, for example, wiping down surfaces after use, cleaning up spillages and dropped food, wiping down tables etc.

Points to Remember

  • Look for multi-purpose cleaners which work with more than one surface, e.g. tiles and floors, worktops etc.
  • Look for a cleaner with a disinfectant to ensure excellent hygiene standards when cleaning.
  • De-greasers are superb for removing stubborn grease from many surfaces including cookers, hobs, hoods, floors, doors and drains etc.
  • Always wear rubber gloves when using strong cleaners as the ingredients can be abrasive.
  • Always check the suitability of the cleaning product you are using, make sure it can be used on certain surfaces and if in doubt, test a small area first. Some cleaning products are especially for certain products, for example, oven cleaners.
  • Some products need sterilising so choose a good quality sterilising product, sanitiser or bleaching tablets rather than using old-fashioned boiling.
  • It is also imperative to keep a quantity of descaling tablets available as many appliances build up limescale which affects the quality of cooking and drinks.
  • Don’t forget other useful products such as lipstick remover, stain remover and salt.

Dishwashers/Beerline Cleaners/Juiceline Cleaners

There are many specialist dishwasher products on the market for commercial machines, it’s important to keep large stocks of dishwasher powder, tablets and rinse aid so you never run the risk of running out.  Don’t forget that dishwashers need salt to ensure a sparkling finish to glass.  There are other great cleaners too such as glass renovating powders which make sure there are no cloudy marks left on your glassware, keeping it beautifully clear.  Equally, glass washers need specialist glass cleaners and rinse aids. Some areas have notoriously hard water so find a dishwasher detergent which is manufactured especially for this purpose.  There are specialist pan cleaners for use in the dishwasher designed for strong cleaning to remove excess food debris and bring pots and pans back to as new.

Points to Remember

  • For your dishwasher you will need tablets, rinse aid, salt and specialist pan cleaners.
  • Keep washing up liquid in bulk too as some items are unsuitable for a dishwasher.
  • If you are own a pub or bar, keep beerline cleaner, spirit measure cleaner and juice line cleaner in good stock.

Ecological Chemicals

It is well known that certain chemicals used in cleaning products are harmful to the environment, for example, certain sprays are responsible for destroying the ozone layer and others create health hazards.  Of course, some ecological chemicals are also fair trade so you might prefer to use these types of cleaners.  There are many products which offer eco-friendly alternatives still delivering great results.  Here are some great reasons to go green with your cleaning products!

  • Less harmful chemicals, so no phthalates, sodium, hydroxide or ammonia which means no more chemicals absorbed or breathed in by the person doing the cleaning job!
  • Green products are safer to use, meaning no risk such as chemical burns.
  • Strong chemical odours are banished meaning a better quality of air in your establishment.
  • When chemical cleaners state warnings such as flammable and toxic this means the ingredients are highly dangerous and by not using these products you are lessening the risk to others working in your business.
  • Some chemical cleaners cause allergic reactions such as coughing, skin irritation, breathing difficulties etc. Going green will reduce these allergies.

The Alliance website has a number of eco-friendly cleaning products available including products suitable for the dishwasher, oven, descaling, sanitising, heavy duty cleaners, toilet cleaners, stainless steel cleaners, multi-purpose cleaners and more.

Floor Cleaning

Different floors will need different products and it’s important to buy the right product according to the material of floor you have.  Be careful to check first because some cleaners are abrasive to wood especially if it is unsealed. 

  • Hard Surface Floors Choose from heavy duty cleaners in industrial sizes and with industrial strength when you have a particularly dirty area, there are also anti-bacterial washroom floor cleaners to ensure good hygiene and specific wood/laminate floor cleaners.
  • Wooden Floors Some floors will greatly benefit from floor polish especially wooden floors although other floor types such as marble, terrazzo, cork and vinyl will also look as good as new after a great polish product is applied.
  • Carpet Keep carpet looking as good as new with quality carpet shampoo, stain remover and fragrance products. The carpet cleaning shampoos are suitable for use with extraction machines.

Points to Remember

  • Check your floor cleaner is suitable for your floor type.
  • Look for a floor cleaner capable of removing stubborn dirt and grease.
  • Look for a fragrant floor cleaner to leave a pleasant aroma after use.
  • For washrooms, choose an anti-bacterial floor cleaner for the best hygiene results.
  • Wooden, cork, marble or terrazzo floors should be polished periodically to bring up the shine.
  • Some floor polishes are capable of reducing scuffs and help to encourage scratch-resistance so if you have a high traffic area consider a specialist low maintenance satin floor polish.
  • For deep cleaning, floor stripper will remove dirt, debris and old wax and some floor strippers are suitable for all floor types, however do check the stripper is suitable before you carry out the job on your floor.


The best multi-purpose cleaners are all listed on the Alliance website in industrial size containers and boasting industrial strength.  Choose from brand names including Mr Muscle, Flash, Brillo, Mr Sheen, Pledge Oxivir and more for quality cleaning results.  Additionally, keep your rooms smelling fragrant with air fresheners especially useful for restroom/changing room areas.

Points to Remember

  • Air fresheners instantly revive a room and are an essential cleaning product for restrooms, choose from spray products, dispenser products, gel block products, pouches and keep a good stock of refills. Additionally, fabric fresheners are available for sofas, settees, chairs and curtains.
  • Keep furniture bright and polished with a good quality multi-surface or furniture polish spray, this instantly revives, brings back a great sheen and leaves a satisfying fragrance.
  • Glass tables, windows and other areas should also be kept free from drip marks, dust and grime so have a stock of suitable glass cleaners available, many polish up stainless steel well too so double up as a secondary cleaning product.
  • For specialist cleaning products, the Alliance website has products designed to remove chewing gum, clean the toilet, get rid of pests and remove graffiti. It’s a wise idea to keep a stock of each of these products to have to hand in case they are needed.


All food establishments need suitable laundry products especially if running a busy restaurant, catering facility or hotel.  Your table linen, napkins, uniforms and towels should all be spotless and keeping them clean reflects your brand.  A grubby tablecloth and staff with less than immaculate clothing will give customers the wrong impression so keep a good stock of laundry detergents and fabric conditioners and wash everything meticulously after use.  Additionally, purchase good quality stain remover because there are bound to be stubborn stains that ordinary laundry detergent doesn’t get rid of easily.

Leisure Club Cleaning

Like any food or catering business, a leisure business must also be kept meticulously clean because clientele won’t want to use grubby facilities and are looking for a haven of peace and relaxation.  Members are quick to make a judgement on poor presentation so basic hygiene is imperative. If leisure facilities are not kept clean, customers will find somewhere else to spend their money.  Of course, leisure centres have many areas where dirt builds up quickly including showers, drains, steam-rooms, saunas, swimming pools, gyms, changing rooms etc.  In damp areas, limescale and calcium builds up so it is important to keep these scrupulously clean to avoid germs and bacteria which lead to fungus and other unwanted illnesses.  Additionally, many products are used by customers in swimming pools which upset the PH balance so it’s important to keep pools spotless too.  Poolside showers experience usage of up to 4 months of domestic use in just one single day so it is vital to use a proper anti-bacterial cleaning solution. Saunas collect sweat from users so at the end of the day to keep these spotless, use a strong anti-bacterial cleaner and let it really sit for a good five minutes to work its magic.  Obviously carry out the cleaning of saunas and steam rooms when they have cooled down.

For the pool area, a tile or liner cleaner is perfect for removing white limescale and the poolside floor should be cleaned every day to stop limescale and bacteria building up.  Of course, the changing rooms must be cleaned regularly, more than once a day and as well as scrubbing floors and showers, dusting and regular glass cleaning should be maintained.

The Alliance website has a number of cleaning products tailored to the leisure club industry for floors, general cleaning and special calcium and limescale cleaning products.

Washroom Cleaning

It’s possible that along with the kitchen the most important area of your business to keep meticulously clean is the washroom.  Washrooms breed germs so it is vital they are inspected regularly and cleaned up where necessary.  They should also be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each shift.  It’s important that customers don’t feel uncomfortable using your restroom facilities so make them as pleasing as possible and keep ample stocks of washroom cleaning equipment to hand.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Hand Soap and you can choose from lotion, dermatological soap, antibacterial soap, perfumed soap and more. You might want soap dispensers and hand sanitisers too, both suitable for kitchen use as well as washroom use.  If you have shower facilities, then there are also wall-mounted shower gel dispensers available.
  • Toilet Cleaners which are essential to keeping the toilet bowl fresh and hygienic. Bleach is the best product because it destroys germs and dirt instantly and keeps the toilet cleaner for longer.  Additionally, you will need limescale remover to stop the build-up and keep the toilet bowl looking spotless.  Choose disinfectant cleaners above all else when cleaning toilets and there are many products available for neutralising unpleasant odours too.
  • Urinal Cleaners as well as bleach and regular toilet cleaners it is wise to keep urinal screens in place to minimise unpleasant odours and keep urinals fresher.
  • Washroom Cleaners Keep a good stock of bathroom sanitisers available to protect against unwanted germs, freshen the air and remove harmful bacteria. Cleaning products should be anti-bacterial and disinfect all areas efficiently and to optimum effect.

Smart Dose Cleaning System

As it sounds, the Smart Dose Cleaning system is designed to apply just the right amount of product for each cleaning requirement promising accuracy and simplicity with no water use.  It’s a highly economical solution for all commercial premises.  The technology behind the dosing system means the user can vary shot sizes for different cleaning needs, for example, spray cleaning, bucket cleaning or scrubber driers.  Products include sanitiser, multi-purpose cleaning surface cleaning, washroom cleaner and floor cleaner.

The Divermite Cleaning System

The Divermite system is a specially designed industrial system which gives maximum performance using strong, powerful concentrated liquids.  It’s specifically designed for kitchens and food preparation areas so it’s ideal for food businesses because it promises full disinfecting and a completely clean area. It also works brilliantly in restrooms, toilets and other washroom areas. The system mainly works on a pouch basis and each pouch is recyclable so it is kind to the environment.  The dispensers fit against a wall but don’t need any electrical connection or plumbing work – they fix extremely easily for the utmost convenience.  As well as the pouch system there is a dispenser system which is used to dispense directly into spray bottles or buckets and there is another Divermite product which dispenses straight into a sink using a specially designed spout.

Points to Remember

  • Divermite brings a perfectly clean area.
  • It is a low cost product so very economical for food related businesses.
  • It is very easy to apply and safe to use.
  • The dispensers feature a lockable lid for extra safety.
  • It is very easy to connect and use, just push the button to release the fluid.
  • There is a useful indicator which advises you on dosage.

The J-Flex Cleaning System

J-Flex is a reputable cleaning system used by commercial businesses which promises rapid dilution and spotless finish.  The J-Flex products give automatic dispensing and remove the problem of over or under dosing cleaning fluid amounts which means the result is perfect cleaning and no wastage for an economical solution.  Bottles are small and light so no cumbersome products to lift and move round. The products are suitable for use in kitchen and bathroom areas.  The J-Flex products include washroom cleaners, disinfectants, kitchen surface cleaners, hard surface cleaners, floor cleaners, degreasers and multi-purpose cleaners.

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