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Keeping your restaurant, bar, or catering establishment clean is essential as it helps prevent the spread of bacteria, keeping your staff and customers safe. It also keeps your catering environment looking satisfyingly neat and tidy, and these commercial cleaning chemicals can help you achieve the correct level of cleanliness. Shop our complete collection of wholesale cleaning chemicals available at Alliance Online. From well-known names to industry specific brands, here you'll find top quality chemicals for efficient and effective cleaning.

Our Cleaning Chemical Offering

We offer a huge choice, including kitchen cleaning chemicals, dishwashing chemicals, floor cleaning chemicals and much more. All available to buy in bulk at wholesale prices, we're confident you'll find the right solution for your needs in this selection. Buy professional cleaning chemicals at Alliance Online or browse the rest of our cleaning products to discover even more options, including janitorial equipment, boards and signs, and kitchen cleaning products.

Why Choose Alliance Online?

As a company which has been operating within the hospitality industry for over 23 years, we have a vast wealth of experience when it comes to cleaning. Our offering has been put together over years with us perfecting it each year to ensure it covers all areas a business could need when cleaning their establishment.


What are the different cleaning areas commercial business have to account for?

  • Kitchen Cleaning

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  • Dishwashing / Glasswashing

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  • Washroom Cleaning

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  • Housekeeping & Room Care

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  • Floor Cleaning

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  • Laundry

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  • Leisure Cleaning