Tableware Buying Guides

When running a restaurant it is imperative that the ambience and atmosphere you want to create is reflected right down to the tableware. It’s not only about an attractive or a practical place setting; it’s about finding the best pieces to do the job you want effectively. Your restaurant’s tableware needs to be highly durable, resilient and withstand daily use for years to come. It is also wise to make sure you have tableware that can be replaced easily because there’s bound to be breakage, chips and staining. As much as possible, tableware needs to be microwave and dishwasher safe. Remember, your tableware reflects your brand so make sure it’s exactly what you want. At Alliance you will find a number of different types of products to include crockery, glassware, cutlery, napkins and table-covers as well as table-top essentials at different wholesale prices to suit your budget.

Crockery Buying Guide


Obviously the number one product you will need for your restaurant is excellent crockery. This means plates...

Glassware Buying Guide


Glassware should glint and sparkle and add the perfect accompaniment to your restaurant's tableware...

Cutlery Buying Guide


Of course, one of the key items for your restaurant has to be cutlery, after all where would...

Tabletop Buying Guide


Your table-top products are the ultimate finishing touch to your restaurant’s tables and includes...

Napkins & Table Covers Buying Guide

Napkins & Table Covers

Tables in a restaurant should always look beautifully dressed. If your establishment uses napkins...