Pastry and Baking Equipment Buying Guide

Pastry and Baking Equipment

All restaurant kitchens and catering businesses should have a large selection of pastry and baking equipment.  From rolling pins to sieves, bowls, bases, tins and bakeware, all of these are essential in the art of baking.  You will find everything you need for the perfect bread, cakes, quiches, biscuits, muffins and other baking creations within the Alliance web pages.  Here is some more information on the equipment to help you decide what you need.

  • Baking Tins look for different shapes and sizes to make sure you can cater for large numbers. Heavy duty tins are excellent for baking purposes whereas a darker coloured silicone has a tendency to burn the sides. 
  • Cooling racks are essential to help air to circulate around freshly baked goods and help keep cakes moist rather than soggy.
  • Dredgers or shakers are ideal for dusting surfaces with icing sugar or flour. These are essential for rolling out icing, dough or pastry.
  • Food mixers in industrial sizes are essential for fast preparation and for catering for large numbers.
  • Measuring equipment in various sizes to get the measurements for recipes perfectly correct.
  • Measuring spoons are essential for accurate measurement.
  • Mixing bowls in glass, plastic or other materials. Always make sure the mixing bowl is heatproof too as they are often used in a microwave or to melt certain food.
  • Palette knives for icing cakes, smoothing surfaces, filling cakes, scraping bowls etc.
  • Pastry brushes for glazing pastry with egg or brushing pastry. These brushes are also useful for brushing off icing sugar during cake decoration.
  • Rolling pins which should be wide enough to roll out the dough to the exact width so choose a variety of sizes.
  • Scales to accurately measure out ingredients.
  • Sieves for sifting icing sugar, flour etc.
  • Skewers to test if cakes are ready when removed from the oven.
  • Spatulas to skim edges of bowls.
  • Wooden/Metal spoons for hand mixing.
  • Whisks for providing volume and aerating.
  • Zesters for grating citrus.


Always have a selection of aluminium bakeware or non-stick bakeware readily available.  It is also wise to keep baking mats for patisserie making as these easily slot into baking trays providing they are the right size.  The following bakeware is essential for restaurant and catering kitchens and is available in various sizes to cope with different amounts as required:

  • Muffin trays.
  • Yorkshire pudding trays.
  • Loaf tins.
  • Baking pans.
  • Baking trays.
  • Baking mats.

For further information on bakeware visit pastry and baking equipment in the Wholesale Kitchen Supplies section or contact the Alliance customer care team. 

Mixing Bowls

It’s a good idea to keep a wide selection of different bowls with varying capacities to cope with different amounts of baking as required.  Traditional stoneware is hardwearing and practical as is stainless steel, polypropylene and Pyrex styles.

For further information on mixing bowls visit pastry and baking equipment in the Wholesale Kitchen Supplies section or contact the Alliance customer care team. 

Flan Bases and Quiche Moulds

Quiches and flans need specialist equipment which ensures perfect presentation.  Many tins are lightly fluted with elegantly curved detail around the edge.  However some flans and quiches have straight edges, in which case flan rings are ideal. There are different types of flan tins according to sweet or savoury dishes.  The fine flute tins are used for sweet recipes whereas wide flute tins are used for savoury dishes. Many flan tins have loose bottoms which allow you to be able to remove the flan from the tin with ease and without damaging the sides. There are various finishes available including non-stick and aluminium, the latter is excellent for keeping quiches and flans from getting soggy. Additionally there are Pyrex varieties too.

Dariole and Savarin Moulds

These bakeware tins are specialist cake and pudding moulds ideal for individual desserts, small cakes or savoury starters.  Dariole is French and the mould shape is small; almost flowerpot shaped. A savarin mould is a ring shape and used for special sweet and savoury dishes including mousse.  These specialist items are available in stainless steel or polypropylene and in a number of sizes to suit your restaurant’s requirements.

For further information on flan bases and quiche moulds visit pastry and baking equipment in the Wholesale Kitchen Supplies section or contact the Alliance customer care team. 

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