Baking Pans, Sheets and Trays Buying Guide

Baking Pans, Sheets and Trays

Every chef needs to bake so make sure there is plenty of choice when it comes to your baking equipment.  For large scale baking, you will need super-sized baking trays.  Look for good quality, durable and practical products with non-stick properties if possible.  The best material is aluminium because it is very competitively priced, conducts heat well, is easy to clean and will last for a long time.  Flat baking sheets are designed to provide good heat distribution to cook; most baking sheets are made with a double layer to make sure they are properly insulated to avoid burning.  For restaurants it’s important to choose a good variety of different sizes so when cooking, your chefs can cope with large orders.  Purchase baking mats to sit inside your baking sheets and trays because these prevent sticking and work perfectly.  Additionally, there are plenty of aluminium roasting options, these are similar to baking dishes but with deeper sides and scalloped edges used for hands to grip (using oven gloves!).

The Difference Between Baking Trays and Baking Sheets

Baking sheets are generally designed for the catering industry and will not usually fit into a home oven.  Additionally, baking pans and dishes usually have rolled edges (dishes are deeper) whereas baking trays are shallower and the edges shorter. 

Always check to see if the products you are buying are suitable for dishwasher use as many aluminium baking dishes, pans and trays are not.

For further information on baking sheets, pans and trays visit the Cookware pages or contact the Alliance customer care team. 

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