Floor Mops Buying Guide

Floor Mops

These are designed for cleaning and mopping floors and there are actually different types.

  • Cut End Mops are especially for less demanding cleaning and they are fairly economical but they can’t be cleaned so you will need to check them regularly and replace when necessary. This style of mop is able to collect fine particles of dirt from the floor due to the cut ends.  There are various different handles available and you can replace heads and handles when you see fit.
  • Loop End Mops are stronger than cut end mops and can also be washed so will last longer than a cut end mop. Choose from various handles to suit your cleaning requirements.
  • Buckets You should also make sure you have suitable buckets to hand and if using a mop, choose one with a wringer compartment (sieve) so you can squeeze out excess water before use. The double compartment buckets allow you to fill the water and wring out eliminating the need for two different products.  Basic round buckets are always useful so keep a couple stored away.  Lids prevent accidents, so purchase the co-ordinating lid to the buckets you choose.
  • Floor Scrapers are designed for heavy duty cleaning and are specifically constructed to scrape up dirt and debris.

For further information on Floor Mops visit the Cleaning pages or contact the Alliance customer care team

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