Brooms and Brushes Buying Guide

Brooms and Brushes

Brooms are used to sweep up dust and dirt from floors and consist of a long handle with a brush head at the bottom. Brushes are used for many different cleaning processes and there are different styles to choose from in different materials:

  • Dustpans and Brushes Traditionally used for sweeping up small areas of dirt and dust, these come with a handheld brush and a pan where the dirt is swept into. These are excellent for small areas and areas with crevices and corners which larger brooms cannot reach.
  • Bottle Brushes These are used to clean inside brushes and are a hygienic method of cleaning because they scrub the sides and neck area where cloths cannot reach very well.
  • Claw Brushes These brushes are used to remove mud and thick, difficult to remove dirt. They are made with very tough nylon bristles.
  • Deck Scrubbers These brushes are very tough and designed for cleaning up decking and outdoor areas so suitable for some patios and driveways for example. Some deck scrubbers have a swivel head for easier manoeuvrability.
  • Grout Brushes These types of brushes are designed especially to scrub discoloured grout and help to restore its natural colour without dislodging any grout. They are normally made with narrow rows of stiff nylon bristles and are especially effective at removing mildew, grime and dirt.
  • Hand Brushes These types of brushes are handheld and used for small areas which are hard to clean using a broom. They are soft enough for dusting furniture and surfaces and can be used for removing static electricity too.
  • Lobby Brooms These are very simple brooms especially designed for easy sweeping and normally feature poly bristles, great for sweeping debris and dust from all floor types.
  • Nail Brushes All of those involved in food preparation and serving should keep their hands and nails scrupulously clean so keep a stock of nail brushes available for your staff.
  • Sink Brushes Made out of strong and durable plastic these brushes are suitable for cleaning up pots, pans, glasses and crockery. They are ergonomically designed for comfort during use and have small bristles enabling the user to reach right into small areas and remove food debris. 
  • Soft Broom Heads These are designed for simple sweeping of floors and are fitted with a handle and removable head. They are suitable for sweeping indoors and outdoors.  Heads are interchangeable and can be replaced when necessary.  It is also possible to buy handles to match according to your needs.
  • Stiff Broom Heads These types of brooms have very strong bristles and are suitable for sweeping up heavy duty debris and dirt. They are also ideal for outdoor use. The heads are interchangeable and can be replaced when necessary.  It is also possible to buy handles to match according to your needs.
  • Scrubbing Brushes These brushes are perfect for scrubbing dishes, pots and pans and effectively remove hard grease and grime.
  • Brooms With Handles These are basic brooms with a fixed handle. Choose from stiff or soft bristles according to your cleaning requirements.  Stiff bristles are suitable for heavy duty sweeping whereas soft bristles are better for wooden floors and general dust and light debris.

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