Catering Display Buying Guides

Running a buffet means you need the right equipment to keep food at a healthy temperature, protected from germs and to effectively merchandise your dishes so they look appetizing and delicious.  Purchasing the right catering display is essential to your business and there are many different types to choose from.  A buffet is a different type of dining experience and very popular especially for breakfast, it is generally more relaxing and gives customers the opportunity of making their own choices about what they want to eat.  To choose the right equipment it’s important to think about your space and remember, a good looking buffet encourages customers to go back for more food!

Points to Remember:

  • Create the right space for your buffet to allow customers to move freely even when your restaurant is crowded.
  • Make sure food is laid out well and easy to serve.
  • If you provide occasional buffets, consider investing in folding tables so you can store them away when they are not required – useful if you hold functions in your restaurant or need extra space after a meal to make room for dancing etc.
  • Make sure you have a chafing dish for hot food, this keeps food warm.
  • Keep a large variety of serving utensils such as tongs and serving spoons for customers to be able to serve themselves easily.
  • There are many ways to display buffet food, from large plates to gastronomes or on serving trays. Disposable trays are also an option.
  • Keep smart cutlery dispensers, napkins and crockery space so customers can help themselves if needed, alternatively pre-lay your tables.
  • For breakfast displays you will need cereal dispensers, roll baskets, tiered displays for croissants, muffins etc.
  • For dessert buffets invest in tiered displays so you can maximise on visual impact as well as space.

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