Kitchen Platform Scales Buying Guide

Kitchen Platform Scales

Trolleys are essential accessories for a commercial kitchen because they are vital in transporting food and crockery to and from different areas. They are used in kitchens, hotels, catering businesses etc. so should be robust enough to carry plenty as well as having good quality wheels so they last for many years. There are many different configurations to choose from, from smaller two, three or four tiered low trolleys to very tall clearing trolleys so you need to think about what you will use your trolleys for. Some come with static or moveable modular shelving units which give you the option of extra space when you need it as well as changing the system to cope with different situations. There are also trolleys available large enough to cope with gastronorm sizes and there are trolleys designed for self-clearing which are perfect for use in self-service establishments. Additionally there are trolleys for buffet service which have space for trays, cutlery, condiments and serviettes.

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