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HarfieldPolycarbonate Standard Fork 20cm

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HarfieldPolycarbonate Standard Knife 22cm

  • Stock code: DSKY0022
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HarfieldPolycarbonate Dessert Spoon 20cm

  • Stock code: DSSY0020
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Here at Alliance Online, you’ll find a huge range of polycarbonate cutlery, which makes a great choice for kids, parties, and outdoor events. These items are reusable, but we also have disposable plastic cutlery that you might be interested in.

The polycarbonate cutlery you see here is durable, which means it can be used and washed time and time again. Plus, it’s available in a variety of stylish colours, so you can pick out the items that are going to suit your establishment best.

This isn’t the only cutlery we offer, either. If you would like to see more of our ranges, make sure you also check out our infant economy cutlery, easy-grip cutlery, and specialist cutlery.

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