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Burn Stop First Aid Burn Gel Sachet 3.5g

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Burn Stop Gel Soaked Dressing 10 x 10cm

  • Stock code: MBSG0003
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CoolTherm Burn Gel Bottle 60ml

  • Stock code: MBSG0002
  • In Stock

Evolution Burn Care Kit Medium

  • Stock code: MBJG0001
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BurnSoothe Burn Dressing 10 x 40cm

  • Stock code: MBJG0007
  • 3-5 Days

Boxed Fire Blanket 1.2 x 1.2m

  • Stock code: MFB00001
  • 3-5 Days

Wallace CameronBambino Burns Care Dispenser

  • Stock code: MBBD0002
  • 3-5 Days

Evolution Burn Care Kit Large

  • Stock code: MBKM0002
  • 3-5 Days

Shop our selection of minor burn treatments here at Alliance Online. Unfortunately, accidents can happen at work ?— especially in kitchens, or bars decorated with candles. So, it's important that your workplace first aid kit includes all of the burn dressings, plasters, and treatments that you see here.

It's vital that you take all reasonable steps to keep your staff and customers safe, which means you always need to be prepared for the worst. Of course, particularly bad burns will require professional medical attention, but very minor injuries can often be dealt with using the treatments for burns and scalds that you see here. Some of these can also be used to cool and protect a burn before professional help can be sought. Always consult your workplace first aid expert when a burn has occurred.

Would you like to see more of the first aid supplies that we offer? Make sure you're all stocked up by browsing our ranges of hand sanitiser gel and wipes, plasters, and dressings and tape.

Buy from our range of first aid for small burns today and you'll receive free UK delivery when you spend over £30 (excluding VAT).