Meat & Fridge Thermometers


Dial Milk Thermometer 13cm (-10 to 110°C)

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Gourmet Folding Probe Thermometer

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Gourmet Folding Probe Thermometer

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DishTemp® Dishwasher Thermometer

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Here at Alliance Online, we have an impressive range of meat and fridge thermometers that will help make sure your food is safe to eat. You'll find modern infra-red and digital thermometers, as traditional dial thermometers, so you can pick the type that best suits your business.

When serving food to the public, it’s important to make sure that your dishes are thoroughly cooked all the way through. In this range, we have a selection of reliable, high-performance meat thermometers that can be used to test joints of meat or burgers. In addition to this, our food thermometers can also be used to check the temperature of everything from frying oil to sauces, sugars and jams. We even have milk thermometers which will ensure perfect lattes every time — ideal for coffee shops.

It's also crucial that any fridges and freezers on your premises are kept at the correct temperature, as this will ensure the safety and freshness of any raw ingredients stored in them. This range also includes fridge thermometers, which are designed especially for monitoring colder temperatures.

If you’re looking to get some new equipment for your restaurant or food business, be sure to shop our full collection of professional kitchen utensils. You might also want to shop our wholesale professional cookware range, where you can find everything else you need to get your business ready for your next service.

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