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Revive Sunbed Cleaner 5Ltr

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Eucalyptus Steam Essence/Milk 5Ltr

  • Stock code: SWEM0020
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Here at Alliance Online, you’ll find steam room, sunbed, and sauna items that will help to give your customers the perfect spa experience. All of the products in this range are of a very high quality, which means they can be relied on day after day. Plus, they’ll help to ensure your clients have the best possible time when they pay you a visit.

In our collection of steam room, sunbed, and sauna supplies, you’ll find a whole host of essentials. We have specialist cleaning products that will help you to keep your saunas and sunbeds spick and span, as well as steam crystals and milk that will make your customers’ spa experience as relaxing as possible. We even have buckets and ladles that will make great additions to your setup.

If you like the look of our steam room, sunbed, and sauna essentials, you might be interested in some of the other personal care products, cleaning chemicals and equipment, and health and safety products.

We offer free UK delivery when you spend over £30 (excluding VAT). Shop our sauna, steam room, and sunbed supplies today.