Soup Containers and Pasta Containers


ColpacSouper Food Container 8oz (22cl)

  • Stock code: DSPCC800
  • In Stock

ColpacSouper Food Container Lid 8oz (22cl)

  • Stock code: DSPCL800
  • In Stock

Paper Soup Container & Lid 12oz (34cl)

  • Stock code: DSC01000
  • In Stock

VegwareVegware Soup Container 12oz (341ml)

  • Stock code: DGTS0012
  • In Stock

Ripple Pasta Pot Lid 16/19oz (45/54cl)

  • Stock code: DRPPL019
  • 3-5 Days

VegwareVegware Soup Container 16oz (455ml)

  • Stock code: DGTS0016
  • 3-5 Days

At Alliance Online, you'll find a selection of disposable soup containers, which are great if your cafe or concession stand sells soup to go.

Our selection of soup cups and containers is quite extensive and includes an array of sizes and designs. You can even decide if you would like to offer lids to your customers. So, whatever your business' style and requirements, we'll have the perfect soup pots for you.

If your cafe, restaurant or catering business sells a lot of food to take away, you might also want to take a look at the other packaging solutions we offer, such as foil, foam and plastic containers, ice cream tubs, and eco disposable containers.