Washroom Chemicals

Washroom Chemicals

Washroom cleaners, descalers, lime scale and rust removers, perfect for ceramic tiled walls and altro and vinyl floors. For use in washroom areas, shower stalls, changing rooms, spas and sauna's and hotel bathrooms. Urinal screens and blocks for added hygiene and odour control in washroom areas. Easy to use and effective toilet cleaners that will leave your toilet hygienically clean.

Our Range of Washroom Chemicals

Washroom cleaning chemicals are used for removing and cleaning the dirt, grime, germs and sometimes mould that can be found. Keep your commercial washroom in a clean and hygienic condition with our range of washroom cleaning chemicals.

Why Choose Alliance Online?

As a company which has been operating within the hospitality industry for over 23 years, we have a vast wealth of experience when it comes to cleaning. Our offering has been put together over years with us perfecting it each year to ensure it covers all areas a business could need when cleaning their establishment.


What are some common mistakes when cleaning a washroom?

One of the biggest mistakes that happens consistently is that some establishments will tend to avoid cleaning frequently and rather implement air fresheners instead. The issue with this is that an air freshener only neutralises bad odours without eliminating them. This is why frequently cleaning a commercial washroom should be of utmost priority.