Air Fresheners

Air Fresheners

Keep your customer bathrooms smelling fresh and clean with these wholesale air fresheners from Alliance Online. We offer a very extensive range of different air fresheners, including sprays, gel blocks, automatic dispensers, plug-ins, and more. You'll find loads of enticing fragrances, from zingy citrus to clean linen and refreshing pine. You can be sure that any you buy will ensure your customers are impressed by your washroom facilities.

Our Range of Air Fresheners

We stock air fresheners from a number of well-known household and professional brands, including Glade, Febreze, Kleen and more. That means you can buy with the confidence that they'll make your premises smell wonderful. These industrial air fresheners will impart a lovely fragrance in your commercial bathrooms, meaning your guests are sure to leave with a great impression of your business.

Why Choose Alliance Online?

As a company which has been operating within the hospitality industry for over 23 years, we have a vast wealth of experience when it comes to cleaning. Our offering has been put together over years with us perfecting it each year to ensure it covers all areas a business could need when cleaning their establishment.


How long will my air freshener last?

Most industry standard air fresheners are designed to last a couple of weeks in a commercial setting. However the factors of how long the air freshener will last can vary based on volume of customers or the most obvious being the air freshening product itself.