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At Alliance Online, we offer a huge range of commercial fridges and freezers that are perfect for bars, restaurants and catering companies. In a professional setting, it's extremely important to make sure all foods are stored at the correct temperatures. And, these professional refrigeration appliances will allow you to do just that.


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Alliance Online stocks an extensive range of cabinet fridges, which would work perfectly in the kitchen of your restaurant, cafe or catering business.

Each and every product that you see here has been designed and put together by a trusted brand, such as True, Williams and Genfrost. So, whether you're looking for a cabinet fridge with one or two doors, any of these will serve you very well.

If you're in the process of kitting out your kitchen, we have a whole host of other products that might interest you. So, take a look at our collections of cabinet freezers, refrigerator counters, under counter fridges and chest freezers.