Vacuum Packing Machines


SammicSammic Vacuum Packer SE-410 484mm (W) x 529mm (D) x 413mm (H)

  • Stock code: WSES0400
  • Please call for stock availability

Vacuum Bag 150mm x 250mm 150mm x 250mm

  • Stock code: CBV01000
  • In Stock

Vacuum Bag 200mm x 250mm 200mm x 250mm

  • Stock code: CBV01005
  • 7-10 Days

Vacuum Bag 200mm x 300mm 200mm x 300mm

  • Stock code: CBV01001
  • In Stock

Vacuum Bag 350mm x 450mm 350mm x 450mm

  • Stock code: CBV01003
  • In Stock

Vacuum Bag 400mm x 500mm 400mm x 500mm

  • Stock code: CBV01008
  • 3-5 Days

Vacuum Bag 300mm x 400mm 12" x 16"

  • Stock code: CBV01009
  • 3-5 Days
Vacuum packaging is a method of natural food preservation. It eliminates oxygen by removing air from the pack. Perfect for meat, sauces, fish, soups and much more!