Commercial Food Processors and Veg Prep Machines

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Here you'll find the entire range of commercial food prep equipment available at Alliance Online. We have wholesale professional appliances and equipment that will save time when prepping every kind of food, whether that's chopping vegetables, mincing or slicing meat, or even blending soups and purees.

Make food preparation a breeze with these commercial food processors and veg prep machines at Alliance Online. We have multi-functional prep machines that are specially designed to meet the needs of professional kitchens. They're perfect for takeaway outlets, restaurants, or any other type of catering business.

The professional food processors you see here can save you lots of time when it comes to prepping vegetables and other foods ahead of a busy service. Using extra-strong, sharp blades and powerful motors, they can slice, dice, chop and shred vegetables and other foods to the desired size and thickness, and are much quicker than prepping by hand. They're designed to be used very frequently without wearing out, which means they're ideal for a busy food prep environment.

Our collection includes the latest food processors from Robot Coupe and Sirman, so you can be sure you're getting a professional-quality machine. There are also options to suit every budget, from entry-level appliances that are great for smaller business, to high-spec food processors that are suitable for heavy-duty work in bigger kitchens.

If you're impressed by these veg prep machines, you might also like our other food preparation equipment. We have meat slicers, commercial blenders and juicers, stick blenders, and more that will make light work of all kitchen prep work.

We provide free UK delivery on all orders over £30. Buy a commercial food processor today with Alliance Online, your one-stop shop for all catering equipment.