RCR Marilyn DOF Glass 34cl Clear

Featuring superb clarity, the RCR Marilyn DOF is glasswasher safe and utilises a cascade of diamond shaped enhancements along the side of the glass and provides a majestic visual that would be ideal for any commercial establishment.

Key Features:

- 12oz / 34cl
- RCR Marilyn DOF
- Glasswasher Safe
- Diamond Shaped Facets
€84.98 for 12
Inc. VAT: €104.53
€104.53 for 12
Ex. VAT: €84.98
  • Stock code: GAC00077
  • Quantity: 1 x 12
  • Size: 34cl (12oz)
  • Stock: Please call for stock availability
  • Brand: RCR
  • Colour: Clear
Glasswasher SafeYes


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