Wooden Cutlery


Birch Wood Knife 16.5cm (6.5")

  • Stock code: DWK00160
  • In Stock

Birch Wood Fork 15.5cm

  • Stock code: DWF00160
  • In Stock

Birch Wood Deep Wooden Spoon

  • Stock code: DWS00161
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Wooden Chip Fork 3.5" (9cm)

  • Stock code: DCW03001
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Birch Wood Dessert Spoon 15.5cm

  • Stock code: DWS00160
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Birch Wood Teaspoon 11cm

  • Stock code: DWT00140
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Wooden Coffee Stirrer 5.5"

  • Stock code: DCT00005
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Wooden Coffee Stirrer 7" (18cm)

  • Stock code: DCT00004
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Wooden Stirrer 17.5cm

  • Stock code: DWS00175
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Tensoge Style Loose Chopsticks 21cm

  • Stock code: PSWC0211
  • In Stock

Tensoge Style Wrapped Chopsticks 21cm

  • Stock code: PSWC0210
  • In Stock

If you run a cafe, catering company or concession stand, Alliance Online's wooden cutlery is perfect for you.

Wooden cutlery is an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic. They're great if your business has a particularly rustic feel to it, if you accept orders to take away, or have an outdoor dining space. They also work very well if you cater for the likes of weddings or dinner parties.

If these aren't exactly what you're looking for, feel free to take a look at our other selections of disposable cutlery. These include plastic and bio-degradable cutlery, cutlery service packs, and plastic teaspoons and stirrers.