Wholesale Disposable Coffee Cup Sleeves


Small Cup Wrap/Clutch 22/28cl (8/10oz)

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Large Cup Wrap/Clutch 12/16oz (34/45cl)

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Small Cup Wrap/Clutch 8/10oz (22-28cl)

  • Stock code: DCC01004
  • 3-5 Days

Large Cup Wrap/Clutch 12/16oz (34-45cl)

  • Stock code: DCC01006
  • 7-10 Days

Here at Alliance Online, you'll find a selection of wholesale disposable coffee cup sleeves, which are an essential if you serve hot drinks. You will be able to serve your drinks piping hot, which is just how they're meant to be.

Our hot cup sleeves come in a range of colours and sizes, so you should have no problem finding those that will suit your menu and branding perfectly. Plus, they're very sturdy, which means they'll do a great job of protecting your customers' hands while they're drinking their coffee or tea.

The sleeves you see here work very well with our single wall hot cups, double wall disposable cups, and insulated cups. Be sure to check those out, too.